Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jasper, Pickens County, GA

Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a criminal defense lawyer in Pickens County, Georgia, our law firm can defend adults and juveniles in any local, state, or federal court in Georgia. Our criminal defense experience ranges from defending traffic offenses and DUI charges to elevated misdemeanor and felony cases. Our defense team will fight for dismissal of charges, negotiated pleas, and represent persons accused of a crime who face a jury trial.

Arrested or Under Investigation?

If you are under investigation, or have been arrested, for any criminal matter you have a potentially devastating problem. District attorneys, prosecutors, and law enforcement are paid to be relentless in convicting people. They are not prone to being forgiving, lenient or non-judgmental. Our job is to hold them accountable in proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. As an experienced, skillful criminal defense attorney, Kevin Roper has extablished a solid track record of having charges dismissed, reduced, and mitigating the consequences of legal problems.

Hire a Solid Defense Lawyer

Fighting criminal charges is serious business, and we work hard to protect our clients from ruthless prosecutors. A savvy criminal defense lawyer can often affect a potential prison sentence being resolved with dismissed or reduced charges. First-time offenders, if convicted, may be able to get minimal jail time and probation. Whether it's through negotiation or trial representation, we want you to avoid the misery of a conviction.

In any case we handle, we share a vested interest with our client. Our reputation as a defense lawyer relies on what we achieve for our clients. This fact alone makes us extremely passionate about protecting the freedom of our clients.

Experienced Trial Lawyer

We offer trial lawyer representation for misdemeanor or felony charges being prosecuted in any Georgia court. Beyond simple legal representation we have tremendous resources including expert witnesses, private investigators, consultants, counselors, and other professionals. We can build a team of experts to fiercely challenge any prosecutors case.

Post Conviction Services

We offer representation for post-conviction legal services. Our law firm can prepare and file appeals, and represent persons for parole hearings and probation issues. Generally speaking, we can work for you to address judicial errors and sentencing issues. We can work to shorten or end incarceration, expunge or seal records, and help you move forward in life.

Time Is Not On Your Side

If you, or someone you know, is under investigation or has been arrested for any criminal charges, we strongly urge you to contact us. In criminal cases, time is not on your side. The prosecutor is working on your case at this very moment. If you lack legal representation your chances of a good outcome are dropping every day. From helping you bail out of jail, to fighting charges, we can help you.

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