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Estate & Probate Lawyer

We offer Estate Planning legal services to help people with probate matters, wills, trusts, healthcare directives, powers-of-attorney, guardianships, and more. Estate Planning is not "just for rich people". Estate planning controls the distribution of your wealth and your end-of-life experiences. Your estate is all of your wealth including personal property, cash, retirement funds, investments, land, and more. Whether your estate value is large or small you need to plan for the proper administration, division, and legal transfer of your estate.

Estate Planning Specialists

We are experienced with estate planning, probate issues, and litigation concerning trusts, contested wills, disputed titles, and other issues with assets distribution. Whether it is routine probate work or civil litigation we can help you handle the legal aspects of your estate. We understand that what is at stake here is making certain that your accumulated wealth, inheritances, and other property are transferred in accordance with your desires. Family relationships, marriages, divorces, and other circumstances can greatly complicate the dissolution and division of family wealth and resources - and sometimes cause lifelong interpersonal conflicts. As your estate planning attorney we can create the documents that keep things under control.


Trusts allow you to transfer the title of any of your assets (i.e., land, motor vehicle, etc.) from yourself as an individual, to yourself as the trustee of the Trust. Then, as the trustee of the trust you manage the assets of the Trust.The advanytage is that you retain full control of the assets, however; upon your death, a successor trustee assumes the control of the assets without passing through the probate process. The successor trustee can later transfer protected assets directly to your stated beneficiaries without the involvement of courts or an attorney.

While it sounds very complicated it is actually a simple process after you have taken the proper legal steps to establish a living trust. We encourage you to call our law firm and learn more about our legal services for establishing a living trust, health care directive, power-of-attorney, and related documents.

Living Wills

Wills are drafted in order to create a formal legal document that serves as a directive to implement your desires for the disposition and transfer of your accumulated wealth and personal property upon your death. There are numerous ways to structure a will however any will should be created by an attorney to make certain that it will withstand scrutiny should there be any dsputes of your will. When a will has been established it also assures an orderly process when dividing and assigning ownership of your property. This typically serves to minimize family conflicts and unnecessary legal disputes.

We can also help you to update existing wills. This is often necessary if you have multiple versions of wills in existence or your circumstances have changed since your will was originally created.

Elder Care Law

Our law firm can help you with expert guidance through the process of elder care matters. We can prepare documents you need to facilitate a smooth transition of control in the event you become incapacitated or unable to attend to your affairs. Among the types of documents we create are:

  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Proactive Medicaid Planning
  • Advanced Directives
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorship

A lifetime of work to build personal wealth and accumulate personal property can be devastated if you do not protect yourself, and your family, with the proper legal documents.

Your actions today can prevent an irreplaceable item from going to the wrong person, minimize tax liabilities, and otherwise deliver financial protection and peace-of-mind.

If you've established even a modest amount of property and financial holdings you need to plan for the ultimate distribution of your assets.

Plan for success. Call Attorney Kevin Roper at 706-253-2500.